There are many designs of vibrating tables, differing from each other device of depreciation systems and vibrating mechanism.The final selection should be done based on the needs and the production capacity of the line.For example, for the manufacture of home-paving tiles in small volumes perfect temporary vibrating table assembled from scrap materials.In the production of block masonry products should think about a more secure device stationary vibration table.

Selecting frame

When manufacturing base vibrating table to consider a lot of manufactured products and the vibrator as well as the design load caused by vibration.For the manufacture of paving tiles can be used as a base board 40 mm, fixed on a flat plot of soil with metal crutches.Production of cinder blocks require more thorough approach: need a solid metal frame of the system or dug into the ground and concreted pillars.

suspension system

as vibration compensator is possible to use a spring or a tape made of flexible materials.In the first case, the most best one is to use a spring with shock absorbers light moped or scooter.The spring should be cut into equal parts, which are inserted in guide tubes fixed to the frame.Top give birth response rods or muffled tube of smaller diameter mounted backstops.On the rack suspension system should strengthen the working surface of the vibration table.If you plan to use the elastic insert, they need to connect the ends of the frame and the working table top, thus providing an effective vibration damping, even in horizontal projection.

Selection of the working surface and forms

mounting surface of the table should be made of solid material.With low weight and low impact products vibrator is allowed to use the power of welded sheets or laminated wood.The forms are usually attached through bolts, carefully sealing the mounting location.

device vibrator

The most common type vibrators are all vibrating motors, which can be purchased at specialty stores.Their main feature - the centrifugal principle of the vibrator and the mounting of the unit directly to the working surface of the table.This vibrator is a motor, the shaft of which there are loads-balancers, shifts the center of gravity, because of what is created when the rotor vibration.

engines of this type have a number of design features, such as the shaft of the high-strength steel, impact-resistant roller bearings, the system of internal depreciation windings.To produce such an engine can be of the conventional three-phase asynchronous machine after replacing the bearings and provide all the fittings and lock washers.Pressed onto the motor shaft drive with two diametrically slots, which can be mounted rocker (bolt with nut and spring washer).By changing the distance from the center of the disc to the rocker can adjust the frequency and strength of shock vibrations.It should be noted that such a unit will not be able to operate for a long time under a heavy load vibration, and therefore is not suitable for bulky items vibrousadki.