you need
  • special detergent or soap;
  • softener dryer;
  • antistatic;
Contrary to popular belief, wash underwear can not only manually, but in a washing machine.The main thing is make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 60 g.(some products can be washed at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees. - read the information on the label), otherwise there is a risk irreversibly damage the fabric - it will lose its anti-bacterial, thermal and aesthetic properties, in addition, it may melt, which will greatly reduce its ability toto hold moisture and air.This underwear is no longer withdraw the excess moisture from the body, high quality warm and begin to sag in places where there should fit snugly to the body.
As for boiling it in the wash thermal underwear categorically unacceptable.As well as ironing or cleaning of various chemicals.All these processes degrade the fabric, making it fragile, collapsed and brittle.
When hand-washing, use special detergents for thermal underwear without chlorine and bleaching components or aggressive soap.But for machine washing your regular liquid detergent or a special liquid detergent.And in the first and in the second case, you can safely use antistatic agents, conditioners and air conditioning.
After washing, rinse thoroughly underwear, it should not be pressing it in the washing machine.It's best just to hang outdoors or in a well-ventilated area (water drained very quickly enough).
optimal solution for the drying of the linen - room temperature and level surface.Never use hot or mechanical drying and thermal underwear hanging over open heat source or batteries.
And the most important thing - if you have acquired a quality underwear, even frequent washing it will not spoil.With the right approach to this process, you can be sure that the load is not deformed and loses its heat-insulating properties for a long time.