When the window is warm and dry

When the weather is warm and dry weather, take care of the leather shoe is most easily as all that threatens the shoes - this dust.So, if after walking shoes remained outwardly friendly, it is enough to wipe with a dry cloth and then grease the appropriate cream.Fabric should be soft to on sneakers did not have any scratches, otherwise their appearance would be greatly damaged.Incidentally, the cream should be applied only on a dry surface of the leather.

When outside dirt or rain

If the weather is wet or dirt road, running to wash.In no case can not be washed in a washing machine.Since the dirt has abrasive properties, it is possible to hold the leather shoes at low water jet, but not for long.Soak shoes can not even for a short period of time.After the mud came down from the skin, you can begin washing the using soap or a special shampoo.

After these procedures, of course, be good to dry shoes.Not suitable for this not only hair, but also the sun's rays.Of course, a good option is a special dryer for shoes, which are sold in stores.If there is no dry running shoes as follows: you have to remove the insoles and to fill the inner cavity of the newspapers, and very tight, then it is important to put the shoe on the stand in a room with a room temperature.

However, if the inside of the shoe made of light material, instead of the newspapers is better to use toilet paper, because when soaking the paint easy to move to the pad.If you are using boilerplate, preferably several times during drying to change it.Once the shoes have become completely dry, its surface may be treated with a special tool.

everyday wear

Some fans of athletic shoes wear it every day.In this case, there is no need to create special conditions for its content.The most important rule - keep the shoes in a dry place at room temperature.Such a measure will protect them from drying or moisture in the lining or at the seams.If

shoes at some period of time will remain without action, for example, in the winter, in addition to the above rule is set inside the cardboard or wooden blocks.If you can not do this, you can again use the newspapers.It is important to arrange them so that the leather part is not tightened too much.