white fur good clean potato flour.To shine the fur can be wiped with a cloth soaked in a solution containing a small amount of vinegar.

also clean white fur helps semolina.Rub it in his coat, then knock.Stains can be wiped with a cloth soaked in gasoline, then you need to rub the fur potato starch, leave briefly and how to shake.
If fur has turned yellow from time to time, it does not matter.It can bleach with hydrogen peroxide by adding a few drops of ammonia.
hats with fur perfectly cleaned with petrol.Dampen a rag in gasoline and gently wipe the fur on the pile.Matted fur, first soak the sponge, and then comb a special brush for clothes.
greasy spot should be sprinkled with talcum powder and gently rub it.After 10 minutes, brush off the talcum powder and the place where it was stain, wipe with a damp cloth, following the direction of the hair.
Any other effectively remove stains as: moisten with fine sawdust in gasoline and pour them on the problem areas coats, rub.After the product shake, swipe of a brush pile - and your coat looks like new.
If a fur coat for many years, the membrane dries her.To restore softness and elasticity, have rebuffed fur lining scrapings and soak in the following solution: 50 g of salt, 1 tablespoonvinegar in 1 liter of water.After scrapings need to stretch out and leave for several hours.Again moisten and rub until the result is not satisfactory.
To bring the coat to full gloss, wet fur and glycerin or vinegar until it has dried, wipe with a cotton swab or cloth moistened with alcohol.Dlinnovorsny fur should be immediately comb.Beaver lamb and astrakhan better to comb after the alcohol has dried.