Tip 1: How to get out of the apartment

clean house - a pledge not only a good mood, comfort, but the main thing - health.It is known that biological contamination of apartments is much higher than the street!And all this we breathe.Needless to say how important it is to maintain cleanliness in the home.Properly planned cleaning, you can not give it a lot more time than cooking a delicious dinner.
Start planning the purchase of cleaning with all the necessary cleaning products, rags, sponges, brushes, gloves, a broom, and so on.You should have everything at your fingertips, when you take cleaning.Assign responsibilities to all independent members of the family.Before cleaning, always apply a cream on hand to protect them from aggressive detergents.
wet cleaning should be carried out frequently, especially if the house has a newborn baby.To do this, every day you need to wipe the dust from all surfaces with a damp woolen cloth.If the room has carpets, they should be vacuumed every other day with a nozzle for carpet to collect hair and fur from the carpet.
Procedure weekly cleaning should be as follows:

* First Vacuum all carpeting, clean the couch;

* Wool damp cloth, wipe all dust collectors: batteries, window sills, doors, sistemnik, monitors (just turn them off), furniture;

* Refresh house plants;

* Wash the floor with the addition of an antiseptic.
that during the day you would take less work to rule and teach your pet the following things:

* To fill the bed as soon as the rose;

* In time take out the garbage buckets.It certainly Stela a plastic bag, and the very bucket wash once a week, to not breed microbes;

* Things are not scattered in the bedroom, especially those who were on the street it is not necessary to put on the bed;

* The cabinet must be based only clean things!Dirty place in a special laundry basket.She has to be with cover;

* Wash your street shoes and carefully wash the hallway.
Quarterly general cleaning should be carried out.It involves restoring order in all the closets, pantries, shelves, balcony and attic.First, you must pull out all the stuff from the cabinet, wipe all surfaces.Things to sort themselves, ventilate, fur coats to dry in the sun.General cleaning regularly a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need.All souvenirs, vases, decorations removed and washed with warm water, if they are not afraid of it.All protryasti bed, pillows, mattresses, carpets vyhlopat.Take all the plants in the bathroom and wash the leaves, pots, remove all withered branches and leaves.All windows, doors and window sills, wash until the plants take a bath.

Tip 2: How to clean the apartment for an hour

to organize the process of cleaning helps save a lot of time and effort.This is especially true if you face an unexpected visit.By itself, meeting with friends or relatives - a wonderful event, but when the house is a mess, and time is short, the joy of meeting emergency decrease.
How to clean the apartment for an hour
you need
  • - cleaners for sanitary ware and tableware;- Microfiber cloth.
When there is no time for long and tedious spring cleaning, try to organize the process guidance of cleanliness in the house.Mentally divide the apartment into zones to act consistently, and not to rush from room to room.For example, suppose the first of the zones will be a kitchen, next - a bathroom, then - children, etc.First of all, grasp the kitchen.Wipe with a damp sponge plate and apply it cleaner.Type in a sink of water, add dishwashing liquid, to put all the dirty plates, spoons, forks and leave for thirty minutes.
now proceed to the next area: a bathroom and toilet.Use a cleanser plumbing: Apply gel or liquid to the wash basin, bath, toilet and leave it for a while.While cooking utensils, stove and bath "own" clean, you have time to do the cleaning in the rest of the premises.
Take a large plastic bag, walk through the rooms and collect it all scattered things: toys, clothes, receipts, journals and so on. Remove the bag in a closet or cabinet, the contents Divide your and arrange for itsplaces later.Then wipe all horizontal surfaces.It is better to use a microfibre cloth: the dust from them does not scatter around the room, as this fabric keeps it securely.When this occupation will be finished, vacuum the carpet and floor.
back to the kitchen and wash the dishes and put out to dry.Wash the sink and wipe the plate.Then go brush or sponge on the most polluted places in the toilet and bathroom cleaners and rinse with water.Will wipe the floor throughout the apartment with a damp cloth and ventilate the room to get rid of smells different detergents that you use to restore purity.This cleaning will take you no more than an hour, and if you do it with your favorite music, with time it becomes an unpleasant duty in a way to cheer yourself up.