Delicate flowers funny "touchy" complement the beauty and ease of design of any room or street.It picky plant blooms profusely in pots and in the open field.

Sedun Morgan

This plant is also called donkey's tail or the tail of a monkey.During flowering on its long stems covered with thick fleshy leaves appear beautiful tassels of small pink flowers.This undemanding plant reveals all its beauty in bright sunlight, and does not tolerate shade.


These flowers are perfectly grow and on the ground and in pots.Chrysanthemum to blossom in mid-summer and bloom until fall, without the need for special attention to himself.They are well tolerated as the abundant sunshine and shadow side.The variety of colors and shapes you can create colorful chrysanthemum composition in pots and baskets.

Fountain grass

very unusual plant will serve as a great decoration for the composition and be nice to grow independently.In good light and moderate watering fountain grass to ear throughout the year.


This is one of the most unpretentious flowers that grow easily in pots and in the open field.Tradescantia has a different color of leaves and flowers, depending on the plant variety.As a rule, variegated leaves of this plant are accompanied by white, lilac or blue flowers are small.


This plant is a favorite of many gardeners and flower beds.Due to the different varieties and colors, verbena actively decorate flower beds, slides, and looks great in hanging pots.The main conditions for permanent flowering verbena - is the presence of moist soil.It photophilous plant beware of direct sunlight.


For a long flowering annual lobelia require simple care and timely watering.This flower should be protected from direct sunlight and avoid drying out of land in the pot.White, blue, blue and purple lobelia flowers form a continuous blooming flower bed, and hanging from the pot, beautifully envelop him.


One of the most popular holiday, street and garden ornamentals.These flowers do not require special care, but long-lasting beautiful bloom buds.There are different varieties of petunias, which differ in size, color and shape of flowers.