suction power as the main criterion

abundance of modern technology for cleaning often makes the choice very difficult.It's not like before, when we all had almost identical vacuum cleaners.Perhaps they are more buzzed than sucking dust.But since then much time has passed and manufacturers vying to offer more new and improved models.

Before happily buy the first got the vacuum cleaner will not interfere with the principal to determine selection criteria.To begin to pay attention to the suction power of the unit, as this is a very important characteristic.Typically, the value of this index ranges from 250 to 480 watts.Accordingly, for cleaning small areas can restrict cleaner with minimum power.If the room is small, but quite dirty, it needs a more powerful machine.If you use the turbo brush is better to pay attention to the vacuum capacity of at least 350 watts.

aquafiltering Do I need a vacuum cleaner?

Also, when buying a very important factor is the presence of aquafiltering.It is clear that in order to achieve maximum effect in the process of cleaning the vacuum cleaner should not just have a good draw, but also to keep the dust inside.Very good ability to keep the dust different water.That is why now so popular vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering.They have the highest level of filtration.

addition to a dust collector device is always present fine filter, which is installed at the exit from it.Generally in a vacuum cleaner is installed HEPA filter or the S-class.In fact, they differ in the number of detainees microparticles of dust.

type dust collector

Speaking of dust collectors, textile bags for this purpose have been used less and less.They are very hard to clean up from the large amount of dust and dirt.They gradually came to replace the paper bags, which can be changed in the vacuum cleaner.But this version is far from ideal.Generally, in the most modern models of cyclone dust collection bags altogether replaced with a special detergent containers.

dust in the container is compressed under high pressure and it can simply pour.Then the container is recommended to wash with warm running water.By the way such cyclonic vacuum cleaners differ constant power, the level of which is not reduced in the process of cleaning.Devices with dust bag can not boast of such a.

Additional criteria

addition to the above factors influencing the selection of a vacuum cleaner, you need to think about the function of wet cleaning.Many of today's cleaners do not only allow the dry cleaning, but also wet.Combined models are significant in size and weight, but they are multifunctional.

And of course, you should pay attention to the noise of a vacuum cleaner.Now there is virtually noiseless models that are very easy to operate.