case for Kirby

The presentation sellers long talk about the benefits of vacuum cleaners Kirby, but not all praise correspond to the truth.Nevertheless, esteem such household appliances there.First of all we are talking about the high quality of cleaning.However, wiping dust out of mattresses and upholstered furniture from a depth of 50 cm, as is often claimed sellers, this can not be a vacuum cleaner.You see for yourself by placing a piece of paper with a small amount of debris under the pillow and tried to clean it with Kirby.However, to quickly and easily remove dirt and dust, as well as thoroughly "knock out" things by using vibration mode the device can.

Kirby has a large number of nozzles.Suffice it to mention only that there is even a special nozzle to perform a back massage.In fact, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner that can be anything, ranging from carpets and hard floors and finishing curtains.

However, people who decide to purchase such equipment, is to remember one important thing: in fact it is not as expensive as the sellers claim.In America, buy a new Kirby, together with all attachments, and even additional funds for the care of different types of surfaces can be 30-40 thousand. Rubles.If you need just such a vacuum cleaner, much easier and more profitable to order it in a foreign online store for home delivery.

Why not buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner

Kirby can boast compact, especially if the buyer chooses a set with all attachments.Seeing a huge suitcase with which vendors come to the presentation, you can see for yourself.If you have a small apartment, spending money and precious centimeters of living space for such appliances are not worth it.

Kirby noise, moreover, very much.In presentations to potential buyers say that the incredibly high level of noise is distinguished only demo model, but in fact it is just a publicity stunt, and the client is convinced of it personally when giving money and bought them for the first time includes a device.

Use Kirby vacuum cleaner is difficult, and it's not just about choosing the right accessories.The fact that this device is very heavy.Move it from place to place, and even carry over the threshold - employment tiresome.If cleaning is most often held by women, is not very force or teenager, so much more appropriate to be inexpensive, compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner.