Principle of operation aerogrill

grilled meats, cakes, cereal, jam, hot - all this can be prepared with the help of an amazing home appliances called aerogrill.

principle of this device is that the flow of hot air blew dishes in a special glass container.Thus it is exhibiting a certain temperature and speed.Depending on the manufacturer aerogrili power sources may vary.There are devices with electrical and halogen heaters.Design feature aerogrill can assume the presence of a fan, which is responsible for the circulation of heated air.

in this household appliances products simultaneously boil and par fried from all sides without adding fat.Also, the unit allows you to quickly cook different dishes, and useful properties of the products are retained.

How to choose a good aerogrill?

Currently all aerogrili can be divided into mechanical and electronic.It is understood that they differ in the type of control.Electronic devices are better for everyday use.Typically, such a miracle of technology even allows you to adjust the dish juicy.From the control panel, you can set the desired temperature and cooking time, and the speed of hot air.The timer is usually calculated on the day.

As for aerogrill mechanical control, then they are also really cook a variety of dishes.And the main advantage may be considered a reasonable cost.True timer in such devices is designed only for an hour, and variable speed convection is impossible.

When choosing a good aerogrill keep in mind that its cover may be removable or bracket.A lot of positive feedback about the second option.In general, consumers find that devices with a fixed lid safer.It is also important to think in advance what dish you would like to cook in Aerogrill.Various units distinguished features.

There is no doubt that every woman needs aerogrill.His work can save a lot of time preparing different dishes and simplify the process.For example, during frying burgers they constantly need to flip.And they just Aerogrill uniformly blown hot air from all sides.Through the transparent walls can follow with interest the process of cooking.