modern home appliances market is replete with new proposals, all embody the latest innovations of science and technology.Do not bypass this trend and the sector dishwashing equipment for the majority of manufacturers offer customers two or three new units, different from the previous even more perfect.Sometimes the purchase of a household appliance is a waste of money: many of the functions are unused, and the high price of these innovations to minimize the pleasure of use.

efficiency of

Since dishwashers are designed to save time and resources, their main purpose - to effectively wash the dishes from pollution, spending a minimal amount of water and electricity.Relatively inexpensive leaders in this respect are such devices as the BOSCH SMS 40D42EU and other members of the series.Using less than 10 liters of water and up to one kilowatt of power, they are easy to handle, even with dried-on residues.


Question comfort should never stand in the last place.Dishwasher simply must have a convenient system load and volume chamber cleaning and filter change should not cause difficulties even for fragile woman.According to these criteria, not only distinguished the firm BOSCH, but manufacturers such as Whirpool and Siemens.These machines are ideal for use by housewives who do not want to go into the technical details.

Additional features

Although most of the features the average user will not be involved in the process of operation, the optimal set of the dishwasher should have.It includes the functions of soaking, quick and delicate wash, self-cleaning and delayed start, and several modes of drying.Most of all in this area managed to move Whirpool and Zanussi.In some models, such as the ZANUSSI ZDS105 or ELECTROLUX ESF 6600 ROW, there are additional features that allow the machine to determine the extent of the download, remember preset modes give the user or washing a full account of their actions to date.The need for this is low and it would have to overpay up to 30% of the cost of similar machines do not have such opportunities.

Select the type of car

In general, the choice of the dishwasher should start by identifying the needs of the family and the rate of contamination of utensils.Full-scale dishwashers may take time for up to 12 place settings, while ensuring high efficiency and low consumption of resources, but have rather large dimensions.To narrow kitchens are perfect car class "CD" can wash without loss of efficiency at a time up to 9 sets.Machines by "mini" is easy to fit even in close quarters, but they have a higher consumption of water and electricity, and the quality of their work is inferior bulky counterparts.