Everything you did not know about bamboo steamers

Bamboo steamers are made of bamboo straws.The design consists of cups fitted with holes through which the steam and the water tank.In most cases, they have a circular shape, a lattice braided bottom and lid.After boiling the water vapor penetrates through the openings to the products.Steamers can be used not only for cooking but also for defrosting food.

advantage of bamboo systems is that they can be put on the table as a condiment baskets.Appropriate in this situation will be a small amount of capacity, designed for 1 serving.

In operation, it is important to remember that the bamboo - hygroscopic material, able to absorb odors.Therefore, product placement is not necessary to put them directly on the bottom of a double boiler, place the paper or lettuce.Keep kitchen assistant in a cool, dry place, wash by hand.

Secrets and tips for using

If the pressure cooker for the first time was in your hands, wash it using detergent, rinse and soak in hot water for half an hour.Over time, steam the empty baskets for 30 minutes.

Bamboo steamer set over a pan or in a deep round pan with Chinese small-diameter convex bottom.In a saucepan pour the water so that it takes at least ½ of volume, but it does not touch the bottom of the lattice basket.

product is located in the baskets mounted on a container of water.Cover and leave to get steamed thoroughly cooked.The cooking time is determined depending on the type and size of the product cuts.When cooking meat dishes requiring long stewing, make sure that the water does not boil away, if necessary, top up the fluid.

Spoon products so that the space left between the layers, allowing a couple to pass freely.When using a multi-level steamer foods that require longer cooking, located in the lower basket.

not stick to products, lay them on the "inserts".For this purpose, you can use lettuce, cabbage or corn, perforated parchment paper, gauze, baking foil.

finished cooking, gently open the cover, apply your culinary masterpiece straight into steamer baskets mounted on a plate.

To clean use detergents, rinse well after dry kitchen gadget.