In modern homes is no hearths and ovens, rarely going to the whole family at the kitchen table.However, it can fix every woman.Previously, mothers and grandmothers taught the younger girls that he is being cooked food, depend on peace and happiness in the house.With modern stoves can cook delicious dishes that will unite the whole family at the table.It is only important to know what a miracle heater will help you.

Types plates for housewives

You can buy gas, electric and combined models of appliances.The latter option means that one part of the plate runs the gas, and the second - electricity, or the other way around.

In some houses allowed to be installed only electric models.They are more functional, easy to operate.Furthermore, they may work mode convection, which simplifies the preparation of a number of dishes.As for the gas version, it is more advantageous in terms of the subsequent payment of public utilities.However, you will be more difficult to adjust the temperature, follow the uniform preparing culinary masterpieces.

Size matters

cookers are also different dimensions.Many people in our country have to save every centimeter of their apartments.In this case, models are needed width of about 50 cm. The depth of these options also reaches about 50 cm, height - 80-90 cm.

If you are the owner of a large kitchen, you can take the standard model.Such plate will have a width of about 55-60 cm. Its height is also about 90 cm, but this depth can be 60-70 cm. In such ovens the oven which is several culinary creations prepare large size dishes.For a family of several adults and 2-3 children this solution is optimal.

Nuances selection burners

addition to the standard options you can choose a model with a gas burner "triple crown."In her three rows of flames can quickly warm or heated to the desired temperature any products.Electric cookers are available only with the classic "pancake".Their output is adjusted to the plate itself.

halogen burners operate using halogen lamps.Power of emission can be changed, so the difficulties in cooking there.However, the service life of the burner will be short-lived.

Induction hobs are the transformer.His induction coil is located under the glass ceramic surface.Current flows through it at a certain frequency.Due to the special dishes heating the material occurs, which leads to heating of the dishes themselves.

Selecting plate depends largely on these factors.Taking into account these and other nuances, you can easily find your miracle stove.