Advantages multivarok Maruchi

Multivarki from producer Maruchi made from high-grade plastic, equipped with metal inserts, instrument panel, angled, and the LCD display Russified menu and hours.The owners of the unit, first of all, happy with his cup, which has a non-stick ceramic coating, is not absorbent odors, as well as a large volume of the cup.Another positive point is the cooking in multivarka Maruchi a variety of ways, as well as ready-made vegetable or meat dishes, which are not boiled soft and easily separated from the stone. operates in all modes of heating 3D technology, which evenly heats the food from all sides, greatly improving the quality of ready meals.

lover of cooking praise in presence of the thirteen multivarka Maruchi automatic programs, through which every woman will be able to prepare any festive or homemade dishes including vegetarian and diet recipes for a couple.Also women like that Multivarki Maruchi allow to bake delicious cakes, prepare fresh yogurt, cook soups, soup and a variety of side dishes, and chicken stew, meat, fish and vegetables.An important advantage of multivarok Maruchi, according to busy women, is a 24-hour mode and the delayed start function avtopodogreva preserving prepared meals hot for twelve hours.

Disadvantages multivarok maruchi

multivarok disadvantages of brand owners say: often break mechanism closing the top cover, the lack of forceps and handles for removing dishes from ceramic bowls, as well as the lack of water traps.In addition, many housewives are not happy little cookbook recipes, is attached to the device, and informative guide. disadvantage multivarok Maruchi also referred to the impossibility of a premature shutdown avtopodogreva food.

According to reviews pokpateley, young mothers are unhappy lack multivarka "Maroochy" cooking mode dairy porridge for children.Some owners complain about the device for a quick emergence from non-stick coating system and a long cooking dishes such as quenching takes about two hours.Fans of space are entered in the list of deficiencies multivarok Maruchi their relatively large size.