Aerogrill consumes a much smaller amount of electrical energy than a microwave.The main advantage of cooking food using aerogrill is that it is not necessary to use oil, so that the food is not burnt.In addition it retains the maximum amount of vitamins and substances which merely volatilize in the conventional method of cooking.
Aerogrill consists of a cylindrical container, usually transparent, which is made of heat-resistant material and is mounted on a stand for the working capacity in heating does not mar the surface of the table.Above aerogrill closed hinged lid in which there is a heating element (heating element) and a fan to blow warm air, which allows uniformly to warm the food is prepared.Different models have different aerogrill fans rotation speed.
capacity of such devices can be from 7 to 18 liters.Management aerogrill can be (depending on the model and output prices) mechanically or electronically.Models with electronic control are usually equipped with a timer function that allows you to prepare meals at the right time.
Aerogrill can cook several dishes at once, using different partitions of arrays.When cooking several dishes of different products we have to take into account the fact that even food do not mix, but their odors can penetrate into each other, so you need to remember that once you can prepare dishes from the homogeneous products.All attachments to cook several dishes, such as skewers, tongs, tongs, trays mesh, supplied with the device.
Aerogrill on a single-speed fan usually prepare simple meals such as porridge and soups.In Aerogrill with three speed fan can cook any meals, as the fan allows you to fully adjust the temperature in the cooking chamber.
When using Aerogrill need to be careful, because his body is very hot, you can get significant burn.But it is, perhaps, the only disadvantage of this device.Aerogrili have a self-cleaning function.Wash aerogrili manually using conventional tools designed for dishes.