power circuit breaker - a special device that at a certain value of the differential current simply stops its flow, making it impossible to fire and other hazards associated with exposure to electric current to a living organism.Few people know, but the RCD is often used to turn on and conduct current.

In some cases it is advisable to use an RCD

Many wonder, why in daily life use the RCD and so there really needs this strange machine?

First, RCD helps to protect any person from the deadly electric shock.Accidents can happen almost any time, if you inadvertently touch the open part of the appliance, high voltage, or loose wires.

Secondly, it is used to prevent fires, when a leak occurs in the ground or on the enclosure.RCD helps protect buildings from fire, laying on the job of power failure during an emergency surges.According to statistics, the majority of fires happen precisely because of the leakage current, the RCD can detect and disable dangerous voltage exceeding the boundaries of 300 to 500 mA.

RCD come in several types.Thus, the device may be dependent or independent of voltage, automatic and mechanical, stationary or mobile, as well as general or selective use.Type of device is defined by the mains voltage, operating conditions, as well as the purposes for which the device is placed.

When the RCD can not help

The old wiring makes the use of protective device is absolutely inappropriate.Typically, such a wiring is an integral element of old buildings.The point is that designed to detect leaks, placed in similar conditions RCD will operate almost constantly, wrongly indicating serious differences, and constantly de-energizing the whole system.

In such cases, it is recommended to use special sockets with built-in RCD.If you get anything under the influence of electric current due to its leakage RCD instantly recognize and take necessary measures to prevent a dangerous situation, creating conditions for safe life and the process of human life.If no leak is detected, the device will continue to function normally.