The idea that guided the designers, developing a robot cleaner, was not only to facilitate the work of cleaning the premises.Meticulous statistics estimate that the notorious human factor seriously hampered spending quality cleaning - vacuum cleaner, which is controlled by a person collects only 65% ​​of the dust at the same time, the robot brings the figure to 95%.How he succeeds?


home robot has a strong snap;the entire apparatus of the "circle" is dotted with a variety of cameras and sensors.And rightly so: after all, in an apartment on each step across obstacles that need to go around.The average number of cameras - 2-4, and the sensors can be 30-50!Curiously, the camera scans not only the floor, but the ceiling, the robot was able to better orient themselves in space.Problem sensors - definition of obstacles and correction of movement in accordance with the route.

available electronic assistant software can operate in two modes: automatic and manual.In the latter case, a remote control.In manual vacuuming cleans the surface in a radius of about 1 m. This feature is useful if, for example, need to eliminate the stain on the carpet.Automatic mode involves two types of cleaning: extended and curly.The first method is a thorough "cleansing" areas;robot divides the surface into squares and then each "handles".The second method of cleaning used in the presence of a large number of obstacles - in this mode the vacuum cleaner gyrates and back and forth.


High efficiency is achieved thanks to a few brushes.The bulk removes dust, dirt and "engaged in" sweeping.Side brush clean dirt along the walls, in the corners.Some models are equipped with grip made of microfiber, which helps to eliminate stains on the floor.Boat has a pretty slim body: 8-12 cm, which gives him the opportunity to climb under the cupboards, other furniture.Average harvest time without recharging - 1 hour (depending on the model).By the way, charging the robot sent to himself - when he feels like it.Built-in timer allows you to program the operation of the device - that is, he will turn on at a certain time, will produce a clean and "leave" to recharge.There is another important advantage - the robot cleaner little noise - the noise level does not exceed an average of 60 dB.This means that during the cleaning can even watch television.