you need
  • Spanner torque wrench, the copper tubes and insulation, tape, hammer, rolling, pipe cutter, reamer, the level of industrial equipment for mountaineering.
necessary to mark on the wall of the place where it will be mounted indoor unit of a split system.All work must be carried out with the help of the level.Stepping back from the ceiling at least 20 cm, it is necessary to provide for an easy slope of freon line, which will provide free drainage of condensate towards the intended hole in the wall.
second stage by means of the punch in the wall is necessary to drill a hole with a diameter of 45-60 mm through which later will be made of copper pipes and drainage cable.From the street, you need to install the brackets for an external unit.It must withstand the weight of several times the weight of the unit.If necessary, you should leave a margin for the installation of the visor.From the side of the room on the wall mounted bracket, which will be mounted indoor unit.
firmly holding the handle of the external unit, it must be installed on the brackets and screw.Such work is best done together with a partner, using promalpovskuyu harness and ropes.The next step is to connect the drain pipe and the drain hose of the indoor unit.To ensure complete sealing of the abutment to be treated with adhesive tape and roll up TPL.With the cutter to cut the desired length of copper tubing, making stock length for bending or rings, which will be further laid between the wall and the external unit.
Next Rimmer edge tubes are processed so that the beveled on the inside surface of the pipe.Remember that you need to put on top of the nut and apply insulation Thermoflex and only then proceed to razvaltsevaniyu tubes.By connecting the pipes to the indoor unit, you need to follow the alignment and avoid skew.Tightening the nut is made using a torque wrench.Next, acting as indicated in the instructions to the split-system, drainage, cable and copper tubes wrapped with tape.
pushing the tube into the hole in the wall, you need to hang the indoor unit on the mounting bracket.Copper tube connected to an external unit, tightening the nuts with a torque wrench.Connect the vacuum pump to the service port of the external unit, you need to pump out all the air located there.Ensure the integrity of the system can, if you watch the arrow manometer - it should not move.Once again, make sure the stability of the pressure mounted in the system: To do this, slightly open valve and the liquid again to close it.After processing the soap solution the joints, make sure that there is no leakage of Freon.
Disconnect the hose from the service port and close the nut.Open both valves on the thick and the thin tube.Turn on the air conditioner to the network, install the nuts and obmylte all the joints.Make sure the installation is correct.