Every dishwasher has three branches, which are filled with salt, detergent and rinse aid.Accordingly, each ingredient must first measure the desired proportions.If a tool is not enough, the machine can not start a wash cycle.In addition, all banks and bottles take up much space, so many housewives prefer it to dishwasher tablets.
tablets - a special compressed tools that combine optimal selection concentration of salt, detergent and rinse aid.Their use saves time and energy.In general, tablets for dishwashers represent a means 3 to 1, but there are 5 to 1. Of course, there are single-layered tablets which include only the detergent.
primarily in the means 3 in 1 adds a special salt, which was subjected to strong cleaning therefore has no impurities.This salt is well softens water and prevents the formation of plaque on the details of the machine.
detergent tablets copes with grease, removes stains from coffee and tea.The composition may contain special substances which dissolve fats and proteins into smaller molecules that are more efficiently washed.
third component tablets for dishwashers is a rinse.It is designed to remove plaque with white dishes and detergent residues, giving it shine.After use, rinse the surface to plates and cups creates a protective film that prevents the formation of streaks.
The structure means for dishwashers may include special perfume composition, which gives the dish a pleasant aroma.Of course, it is better to abandon this component, because it is an additional extra chemicals on the plates, the smell of which can cause an allergic reaction.And here is an additional component of the corrosion will not be superfluous.After all, in all regions of different stiffness water, salt is not always able to soften it optimally.
on dishwasher tablets is not worth saving, because all that they contain, may remain on the surface of the dish.Ideally, it is best to choose the means that contain a natural, safe and rapidly degraded components.This is especially important for families in which there are small children or people with allergies.