first Iron features a serious weight characteristics and reached nearly five kilograms.The process of ironing clothes with them was very simple and not time consuming.However, modern technology has allowed to create a lightweight device with wires and without them.Today the market is a huge range of irons of different product types and models.Operating principles of wireless and wired irons are similar.Both types of irons artificially heated and in contact with the surface to be ironed, and it is heated while eliminating all moving unevenness formed.
Warming soleplate has long sought different ways.The first mention of these devices appeared in the 14th century.At this time there were iron that is heated by coal is filled in the lower part of their structure.On the sides of these irons was a small hole, which was allowed to enter the air for fuel buildup.Then came the alcohol iron, working on the basis of alcohol.In order that the equipment was heated to ironing, it was necessary to pre-ignite.
With the development of physics and determine the uses of electricity and its transformation in the market appeared familiar today irons with electric heating.Inside they were installed helix which increase its temperature from the supply - are collectively referred spiral term "heating element".The temperature of the heating element is reported soleplate, which is also heated.The thermostat enables or disables helix, depending on the set temperature.
A new era began with the creation of irons wireless models.They have no cords to get energy from the power supply and feature a sole pyrex.The principle of its work is the instantaneous heating on a special stand.Inside of the iron has a heating system which sends infrared rays type on the ironing surface.Rapid heating and slow cooling - these are the main feature of this device.
Irons different species are excellent helpers in the household.Wired or wireless, they do an excellent job with the task set before them housewives all over the world.