Pick device type of container.
yogurt is characterized by several important parameters: the volume, the material container of yogurt, control system and other advanced features.For the preparation of fermented milk product may be used alone or several small container of 125-150 ml.Get a set of jars for yogurt - cups, if you prepare yogurt with different fillings or not going to eat all at once.In addition, you can use the product to dose and it is important in calculating calories.If a large family full product immediately poured into cups, fit the unit with one container.
Choose the material of the container.
used for making yogurt jars made of food grade plastic or glass.Material cup affects the cost of the device.If you are more concerned about the price - buy plastic, but scratching can not be used.Glass - obviously harmless material and it is preferable to prepare it yogurt.
Decide on the type of control device.
process of turning milk into yogurt takes a few hours.You can control it with a timer or to monitor the clock.Purchase a device with automatic shut-off timer.You must set the time on the scale and the unit itself is turned off after a specified number of hours, notifying you light or a beep.Some believe this feature does not matter but take your pick: you need the extra noise, or you can do without it.
Consider extra features of the device.
The taste and quality of the yogurt does not affect the availability of additional storage compartments, a special cover for cans or marker in a set, but this model will be more expensive.Before you pay, look again at the other models, and compare their advantages.