Types irons

If you're stroking rare and largely extra features you do not need, then the best option would be the purchase of a simple iron with minimal options.In these irons is not equipped stripping, it provides only a dry ironing.

Steam irons are more diverse set of functions.Degree otglazhivaniya fabric therein at a higher level than a simple analog.In addition, due to special settings, you can choose almost any regime for different types of material.Mode stripping is an indispensable element.

iron with cooking spray on store shelves today is extremely rare.Stroking with them is difficult, but they are most effective only for dense tissue.Thin material may degrade or even cauterize.Note that in this case it is not a multi-functional iron with an additional option to splash water, and about the first model in which this feature is considered a technical innovation.

There is also a separate species compact irons, which is small in size and a sufficient number of options.This is the road version.The main advantage of the iron - it can operate in any environment where there is electricity.When traveling, it is simply irreplaceable.You can, for example, bring the clothes in order to train in the hotel or at the cottage.

Irons for large volumes

If you need an iron that can easily cope with large volumes of a wide variety of fabrics, the best option in this case is steam station.This is the most expensive and powerful irons.However, for home use them very rarely.They can cope with any type of tissue - heavy curtains, coats, bed linen, daily wardrobe items.If you pet is rare and at the minimum level, then there is a great need to acquire technique at this level.

General points

choosing the appropriate model of iron, inspect the device.The soleplate can be made of aluminum, steel or cermet.The first option is the most inexpensive.Metal-is more suitable for delicate and fine fabrics.Steel soles - the most durable and strong.

Rate volume of the water tank.The smaller the room, the more you'll have to add water.Moreover, small vessels often become clogged, leading to the inevitable failure of the entire device.Ideal - iron with a compartment for water located throughout the volume of the instrument and sole with a large number of holes for the pair.Such an iron will to deal with any functions effectively and efficiently.

One of the most convenient options provided by modern irons is protection from electrical breakdowns.This feature will help you out if you forget to turn off the iron.Fire does not happen, because the device itself is turned off.