It is difficult to imagine modern apartment without first assistant mistress - an automatic washing machine.And the village is trying to keep up with the cities, conducting independent water supply and connects this miracle technique.

Unfortunately, even the most high-quality units will sooner or later end of life.After purchasing a new washing machine could ask the question, "what to do with the old?ยป

Options elimination of your old household appliances

easiest way to take out the washing machine to the nearest landfill, but it violates the requirement to protect the environment.If you decide to replace your old, but suitable for work machine, it can buy the service, buying up old appliances.

Alternatively, you can offer a car for parts in the repair shop washing machines and get a small reward.You can also donate equipment to people in need free of charge, but at the cost of shipment or deliver the machine to the nearest recycling center.

Disposal automatic machines forces professionals

If the first listed options can be handled easily, without the involvement of other persons, the right to dispose of household appliances in the home are not even worth trying.The fact is that now there are companies engaged in the free disposal of your old washing machines.

Employees of these companies will release you from the time-consuming, rather overwork.After installation of such aggregate are constructions of high complexity, requiring specific skills and technical equipment.

During recovery will destroy all the harmful substances that can harm the environment, and complied with all the conditions required for recyclable materials.I must say that this is a very difficult operation.

So when you do not want to use any of the above tips, please contact the specialist services.Even if you try to cope with this problem on their own, having lost a lot of time and effort, it is unlikely your efforts will be successful.

much easier to use the services of a company providing free recycling of washing machines.Perhaps some organizations ask you to pay a small, partially shall reimburse the costs of disposal.After the procedure should be carried out in specially equipped premises, due to concern about respect for the safety and security of human health.