Cleaning natural fur

Before you take the natural fur coat in the closet for storage after winter socks, should be prepared for this.To do this, moisten in cold water with detergent-free enzymes sponge and wipe soiled areas on the product.Remove stains on the coat with a long nap, you can use the composition of the talc and gasoline.With traces of bird droppings and sugary drinks will easily cope usual soap.To this end, a cloth dipped in a solution, you should rub the spot and walk on the wet pile with a dry cloth.Sophisticated can try to remove dirt using gasoline.As for the odor does not make sense to worry because it is easy to erode outdoors.

greasy sleeves and collar look very bad condition.To eliminate this problem by using a mixture of equal parts taken in water, alcohol and vinegar.The composition should be applied to the contaminated sites, and they should be wiped with a cotton cloth.This solution can be used to remove oil stains and simple cleaning of natural fur.

Clean dark coat can be composed of water and ammonia in the ratio 4: 1.Moistened cotton pad it is necessary to walk on the problem areas of the product.Wet fur should be washed and even different composition, which is prepared at the rate of 1 tspvinegar to 1 gallon of water.After this pile is wiped with a dry cloth.This procedure returns the fur shine.

products light fur clean otherwise.Coat should fill a sufficient amount of starch and start to knead it in a way that the mixture could collect all the accumulated dirt.After this coat is shaken, and the procedure is repeated.The purity of the white stuff will testify starch.After cleaning of coat should receive iron comb, which will remove its remnants.

Recommended use natural fur

After getting a fur coat under the rain in the product should be hung on the balcony and dry thoroughly.It is not recommended to use with the hairdryer and battery.Otherwise the fur will lose luster, becomes brittle and hard.Moreover, the product can be seated.After drying naturally coat should shake and walk on her comb.

Sometimes in a long fur coats formed lumps that do not look very nice.To correct this condition, you need to carefully comb fur special Komkova comb.Long nap while combing towards better growth and short - on the contrary, in the opposite direction.

Return previous form hesitated coat, you can use a sponge soaked in water.It is necessary to pass all the villi then fur should be combed in the direction of growth.After that the product is hung on a hanger and dry.

to coat long kept attractive look, you need to follow some rules.It should not hang on a hook, and on a hanger.The product must be stored in a dark closet with ample space.To not formed on the shoulders of a receding hairline, it is recommended to wear a bag in his hands.In addition, the fur is not necessary to apply perfume and other cosmetics.If you observe the above points, the coat will delight your perfect view for a long time.