Pros built-in kitchen appliances are obvious: convenience and aesthetics will not leave indifferent any hostess.But the range of embedded gas stoves today is so broad that it is time to get lost.How to make the right choice that will not disappoint?

main selection criteria

The first thing to determine the gas surface.The fact that they are independent and dependent.If the stove and the oven has a single management system, it is called a dependent surface.The control unit in this system is located in the oven.Dependent plate is located directly above the oven, while independent gas surface with a single control system can be spread in the kitchen furniture as you like.But the price for a set of independent will be higher.

The second thing you should pay attention - this is the material embedded boards.Today the market of gas stoves presented three main options for performing surface.It is an enamel surface, cooking, stainless steel and ceramic.Enameled surfaces - a classic of the genre, with the advantages and disadvantages that are familiar to all.Stainless steel "is not afraid" acids, household chemicals and shock, but also requires special care.Glass - a novelty in the market of household appliances.This plate is beautiful and easy to care for her, the only thing that can spoil it - it's aluminum, plastic and sugar in a molten form.

What else should pay attention

material gratings.After all, he is exposed to daily open flame and pressure cookware preparing food.Cast iron gratings have the highest reliability and practicality, steel quickly deformed and lose their appearance.Enameled just can not withstand constant use.Number of burners and their location should be chosen depending on the size of the family and their preferences.Power burners can also be adjusted as desired, if the family is large, it will take at least two powerful burners.

Well, if there is a function "gas-control" stops the gas supply if the fire was extinguished.ELECTRONIC are equipped with all the modern plate he is automatic and mechanical.The names of "double" or "triple crown" means that the cooking zone there are two or three rings of flame that ensure rapid heating.Burner marked «WOK» useful for fans of Asian cuisine with special dishes for her cooking.A bundled stand for the Turks will appreciate those who often prepares a drink in Cezve.