In recent years, human life is much simpler.Scientific and technical progress is passed on to the car most of the work, and now do not need to be washed by hand, reheat on gas or be attached to the computer, since it weighs less than its owner.But over time, any technique fails, and the dishwasher is no exception.If you find some problem, you need to understand what the cause, and try to restore its operation.

Case Technology?

If there is involuntary discharge of water, it does not mean you have to start to dismantle the machine.The problem may be that there is no valve in the dishwasher which blocks the flow of water.If the drain hose is set below the recommended level, water is taken to the upper bend of the hose, and then begin to merge.

program in the machine is functioning normally, so filling the sensor sends a signal that we need to continue to fill the water.As a result, the process of washing does not start, and the water continues to go down the drain.

What should I do?

Many, faced with such a problem, start a panic or try to unleash a box of dishwasher, then buy a new drain hose.In fact, everything is much simpler.Of course, the drain hose should be changed periodically, as it will eventually grow old and the walls start to crack, but not the problem.

The first thing that should have been done with the purchase - open and read the enclosed instructions.It spelled out the required height, which should be installed hose, or rather its upper bend.Ideal - it must be at a level to which the machine is filled during operation.

In that case, if the upper point is below the hole, according to the laws of physics, the water will go.If the problem persists after reinstallation, then there should contact the service center.A fault is located in the connecting pipe and drain holes.

Another reason - a program error.Typically, the initially set parameters, which further machine starts working.And if they were not set correctly, it does not help even the master.Again, you must contact the service center, where you customize a built-in computer.

Also, when buying a dishwasher is always recommended to buy additional insurance or warranty.Appliances break down quickly to fix them yourself is extremely difficult, but the insurance is never superfluous.