cockroaches in an apartment or house does not just happen.Typically, the invasion of these insects can be easily explained - the lack of cleanliness in the home, the constant presence of dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table, and so on. D. Therefore, effective control of cockroaches is not possible without restoring order in his own house.Of course, in addition, it is desirable to use other methods of fight, the best people, since they are as safe for humans and pets.

Boric acid is fatal to cockroaches

most common and safe for all the inhabitants of the apartment cockroaches method - the use of boric acid, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.Should such a remedy is inexpensive and is a real poison for cockroaches.

method №1

Just sprinkle boric acid (powder) in those areas in which the cockroaches walk to the water.When an insect touches the disastrous powder of at least one foot or mustache, then his subsequent fate is sealed.Furthermore, cockroach already located under the action of an acid, will be in contact with their non-infected relatives, which is guaranteed to lead to their death.

method №2

Take a few raw eggs, separate the yolks and mix them with powdered boric acid to form a thick slurry.The latter must have such a consistency that could give it any shape.Form the resulting mixture of beads of small size and leave them to dry completely.Then lay out the balls in places where cockroaches.Once the insects want to eat your invention, they immediately receive a lethal dose of poison.

Of course, this method of getting rid of cockroaches is not for those who expect instant results - kill insects in a similar way only after 3-4 weeks of starting use.

Freezing cockroaches

This method of controlling cockroaches is not only the easiest, but also environmentally friendly, and most importantly the most effective.Since it can hardly compare to even the most modern methods of getting rid of these insects.The only drawback - it can be used only by residents of the north or the middle part of the country, and only in winter.Adult ethics insects and their larvae are killed at a temperature below -8oS.

But keep in mind that if you use this method, you need to take care of the safety of heating and plumbing systems.