If you want to order cleaning the apartment in Moscow, usually you have two options: take the recommendations of friends and acquaintances who have already spent cleaning a woman, to which it is necessary to call and find out when it is not busy, orapply to the largest cleaning company, cleaning which is expensive and is more similar to the construction work, rather than pointing purity favorite apartment.

founders of the new service Cleanzy decided to order cleaning convenient and affordable: just draw it directly on the site, simply by specifying the number of rooms and the address of the apartment.No need to call anywhere, calculate the area: you will immediately see a fixed price for the cleaning, but you can pay cash to an employee or a map on the website.Service is only available to residents of Moscow.

in specified day and time you arrive professional armed environmental agents otmoet apartment, wash dishes, refrigerator, windows and can even pet clothes.

«In our work we use only environmentally friendly cleaning products with the European mark" Ecolabel ".Such funds hypoallergenic and completely harmless to human health or pets »

Labkovsky Philippe, founder Cleanzy.ru

With such a range of environmentally friendly vehicles and supplies will arrive professional Cleanzy.

best part is that it is a pleasure not expensive and certainly about three times cheaper than the services of the major cleaning companies.For example, complex cleaning of one-room apartment will cost 1900 rubles.For the money you washed clean living room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen and hallway.Additional charges taken for the increase in the number of residential and bathrooms - 500 rubles apiece.The quality of cleaning possibly even higher than that of large companies since all employees are Cleanzy harsh selection and training in a special technique.

«We are very serious about recruiting.At first, people come to us for an interview, where it communicates with our manager, then the applicant fills out a special test and only then allowed to learn harvesting techniques.Most of us keeps out at the stage of the interview.We try to take only nice and polite people »

Labkovsky Philippe, founder Cleanzy.ru

All work is carried out quickly and professionally.Lead time is an average of 3-4 hours.During this time, you will wash and vacuum all floors, rub off the dust, lay the whole thing, wash plumbing, shower and more, and at the end of cleaning will leave a list of the works carried out, so that you know exactly what a specialist does not faked.

Cleanzy even guarantee that if you do not want, they will send another employee for re-cleaning for free, as in this company do anything to please you.This is the best evidence that they even leave the mini cookies as a compliment before leaving.Well, where else can you see?

And for readers KakProsto until 30 December there is a special event on New Year's cleaning: 20% discount on any order.Enough when ordering simply state the promo code: «december».Carefree New Year to you!