make plans

an off night sit quietly in front of TV and plan important tasks for the week ahead.Let it be "big" things that require you more time and effort.They can be scheduled on weekdays and every day to carry out one large-scale business.These include the efforts of washing bed linen and blankets (blankets, pillows), purchase products dolgohranyaschihsya, ironing things.

to daily plans that you can make a cup of tea in the evening, take the small things.It may be cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash, cooking lunch for tomorrow, picking up dust or laundry.On weekends, try to leave such things as washing floors and windows, repairing clothes.Hygienic cleaning of the apartment at the time of make the change of the season, so that during cleaning could remove the extra "off-season" things.Cosmetic repairs in the apartment do, as necessary, that such things do not accumulate.

Involve everyone and everything

To ease the housework, involve family members.Part of certain duties.Dad can take out the trash on the way to work, and in the evening quickly vacuumed the entire apartment.He can also throw things into the washing machine and turn it on.Older children can help mom with cleaning utensils.They can also collect toys in the room after the younger children, thus pointing to the example of how important it is to help parents.Teach your family that all its items must be returned to the place.Thus, you get rid of the constant mess.

Appliances also greatly facilitates the daily work of women.All unpleasant or many things can pass on the technique.For example, to cope with the laundry washing machine, with dishes - dishwasher and a cooking dinner - multivarka.This not only saves your precious time but also your nerves.

Cleaning - joy

Women are capable of doing several things at once.Use this quality.During cleaning or cooking, you can talk on the phone with a friend or with my mother, to see interesting programs on TV, listen to radio or audio book.During the long cleaning possible to study foreign languages, which you can not find the time.
Also, putting things, you can watch her figure.Move more, bend, squat and overweight will not affect your hips.

If you are tired and ready to do anything else, do planned for the next day things .tak you free yourself time for something more enjoyable in the future.Cleaning your home should not be a burden, learn to relax in any situation.