Get rid of unnecessary things.Take the time and disassemble all the most "littered with" corners of your home.Sort items by relevance.You should have three lists of your belongings.The first place that you need very often, in the second - the things that you use from time to time, and the third collect things that you do not use for a long time already.Items from the first position of the list so that you will always be comfortable and get them put in place.Things from the second list we find a place that they were not in sight, but you could easily get them.With regard to the seldom-used things ruthlessly get rid of them.Give them to someone, or simply discard.If you do not use for a long time, do not need in the near future.
clean the house every day.Bringing order will require not so much force, if this employment be given 20-30 minutes daily.Arrange things in places, wipe the dust, wash the stove after cooking.Do not delay putting in order on a day, or you risk all of his free time to spend with a rag in hand, rather than to be with his family.
attracted restore order all your family members.Gather in the family council, and together decide who and what kind of work can perform.The child can be charged daily wet cleaning, and her husband buy food on the way home from work.Do not be afraid to delegate responsibilities, because if you do not ask anyone for help, your daily work is perceived as a matter of course.After some time to change the responsibilities.This will not plunge into a routine and diversify your experience.
Learn to plan their household chores.Make a schedule of household chores for a week.Try to strictly adhere to this plan, but do not attach any business by a certain time.Plans can change, and you are upset by the fact that the work is not completed on time.Try to perceive homework, not as slave labor, as well as a pleasant duty to ensure that your life has become more comfortable.From the attitude with which you undertake to work depends on the outcome.