First sort out all the things that you no longer need.Throw away all the clothes, which are taken out to the holes, eaten by moths, it has a long-standing not wash out stains.Similarly, in the trash will have to send the wearing of underwear as wear it almost certainly no one wants.The remaining wash clothes, iron the patched and sew the buttons missing.
Almost new beautiful things you can try to sell to the commission, or via the Internet.Of course, mediators will take part of the profits himself, but it is still better than just get rid of unnecessary clothing.
Those things that remain, you can offer your friends and acquaintances.It often concerns children's clothing, which is expensive, and toddlers grow out of it so quickly that she did not have time to wear out or go out of fashion.
Write the ad on the Internet at special sites.This way you can give everything from clothes and shoes to the piano and refrigerators.
If you want to do charity work, return unwanted items to people in need.As a rule, children's homes and nursing homes, neuropsychiatric boarding.Before you go there, it is best to call and find out what they need and how much.
There are also organizations that are professionally engaged in charity, so you can give all the unnecessary things there.It usually warehouses charities, churches, and volunteers engaged in targeted aid, for example, low-income families, the homeless, columns and the like.A separate line are organizations that collect items for the victims of catastrophes and natural disasters.Such people and organizations in every city, their addresses can be found on the website of social protection of the population and through the referral services.