types of washing powders

quality of washing depends on how much suitable for your purposes you purchased powder.Each package specified for what it is suitable wash - hand wash, machine or machine agitator type, you should not neglect this inscription
powders for hand washing is good lather, unlike those intended for the washing machine.So you can not use a tool for the "automatic washing" becausethe machine will not be able to wash and rinse the laundry well.No less important to consider which type of tissue powder is intended.Usually there are three types of powders: for linen and cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics and versatile.

Conventional detergents can damage the sensitive skin of the child.They often cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes.Therefore, the washing of children's clothing should be selected special powders with less harmful composition, ie,not containing soda and bleach.The same applies to people with allergies.

whiteners in detergents can be of two types: chemical and optical.The former include bleach, all kinds of peroxide and oxygen.All these substances destroy the color in the fabric.But it should be understood that more oxygen is carefully relates to fabric fibers, so it can be used even for washing colored laundry.Optical brighteners do not destroy the color and hiding it.Its action is based on the fact that the powder is composed of special particles deposited on fabrics and stain masking.After washing, they remain on items, and when light falls on them, it is refracted and stained in blue, purple and blue, so that the fabric appears pure white.

How to choose a good powder

First of all, you need to carefully study the package.Well, if it indicates that the powder is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.But despite this, be sure to examine its composition.The content of surfactants in good detergent powder should be less than 5% and the amount of phosphate products does not exceed the threshold of 12%.

It is best not to save on their own things, and to purchase a separate powder for each type of fabric.For wool and delicate fabrics, cotton, white, black and colored things have to be separate means for washing children's clothes.In addition, it is advisable to buy the powder-stain remover.You should also pay attention to what, for what type of washing powder is intended - hand or machine.Moreover, if the "manual" bad foam - it speaks about his poor quality.

It should be remembered that the quality of the wash depends not only on washing powder, but also on the correct use.Insufficient amount of money will make washing ineffective, and the excess will remain on the fabric.The norm is that 5 kg of things you need to 5 tablespoons of the powder, and to 4-4.5 kg - 4.