you need
  • - gadget for dust control;
  • - gadgets for floor cleaning;
  • - gadgets for window cleaning.
Gadget for dust control - static brush.It combines the functions of the air cleaner and dust rags.Principle: the air sucked by a fan and purified from dust by a filter.That gadget you can collect the dust not only with the clothes or furniture, but also from remote places.
Gadget for dust control - electro.It resembles an ordinary brush with soft bristles.The principle of operation is as follows: motor built into the handle, brush turns 360 degrees, thus creating static electricity collects dust.Where more convenient ordinary cloth, which only raises dust in all directions.
Gadget for cleaning the floor - polisher.This hand-held device.Outwardly, it is a hybrid cloth and vacuum cleaner.They clean laminate and parquet.The principle of operation is as follows: he pulls dust and rubs the floor to a high gloss.Reduced cleaning time is obvious.
Gadget floor cleaning - Robot-polisher.This automatic device, the presence of the person during the cleaning, it is not required.He does everything himself: is engaged in the cleaning schedule, brushing modes wet and dry cleaning, and detects the surface stains.In general, the kid works hard.A person needs only to pull out of the robot and wash plastic container with garbage.
Gadget floor cleaning - FOKI.This device, which shoes to his feet (in fact slippers) with small brushes that sweep the floor, while the man walks around the apartment.
Gadget floor cleaning - elektroshvabra.There are many options, but the principle is the same for everyone: you need only to wet mop and conduct on the floor, which she wash herself.
Gadget for washing windows - electric vacuum wiper.It has two main functions: the water washes away the dirt and absorbs the dirty water without letting it leak and leave streaks.Thus, a single movement of the hand will perform two actions at once.
Gadget for washing windows - double-sided sponge for glass magnets.The gadget has a magnet in each half.One of these parts is attached to a flexible cable mount, the user puts himself on the wrist to the sponge fell.You can wash the windows from two sides.
Gadget window cleaners - window cleaner robot.This gadget itself, without the active participation of the person is able to wash the windows.Window washed once with the two sides have been attached on both sides of the glass.