Modern man in the street names of chemicals substances present in this or that means - do not tell about anything.So let's consider the most dangerous of them, and will try not to buy any such funds at all, or buy those in which the content of the following substances less -

anionic surfactants - Contains almost all detergents and washing powders.They adversely affect the human immune system, cause allergies, liver disease, kidney and lungs, bronchitis initiated.And how would you then do not rinse or wash their clothes without the funds, though the dishes in hot water, even in cold water, full of this chemical you can not get rid of.To reduce the effects of anionic surfactants on the body use the funds in which their content does not exceed 5%

sodium hypochlorite - This is a normal bleach.But few people know that it can cause heart disease and blood vessels, contributes to atherosclerosis and hypertension, is extremely harmful for your skin and hair skin, it increases the risk of cancer, so that where possible, it is time to remember the vinegar and lemon juice.
petroleum distillates - They are part of polishes for metal surfaces.Even a short stint with them, can lead to temporary impairment of vision, and if you use them often and for a long time, be prepared for a malfunction of its nervous system, kidneys and eyes.If you have to work with agents, which include petroleum distillates - do not neglect the rubber gloves and respirators.

ammonia - This old acquaintance contains absolutely all cleaning agents for glass surfaces.May cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory system and headache.Buy funds with the lowest possible content of it, and do not let it hit exposed skin.

FORMALDEHYDE - can be found in the composition of a variety of domestic resources, it is their preservative.Formaldehyde - one of the most dangerous substances as a carcinogen - causes severe irritation of the eyes, throat, skin and lungs.
And what, then, is to replace everything you ask?

Unfortunately, in our time to completely abandon household chemicals is problematic enough, but you have to this author does not call, just take this information into service and try to use household chemicals often.And let's remember, what they can be replaced.After all, people somehow managed without MYTH * s, Vanish * s and other GLOSS * s 
baking soda - it's great washes and disinfects the bowl it can be polished aluminum, silver, steel, sheet metal and plastic surfaces as well as to refresh and refrigeratorand carpet (in the fridge, you can put a small dish of baking soda for a few hours, and you can sprinkle the carpet, and then vacuum).

MUSTARD - its powder is easy to cope with the stale fat.

lemon juice - can be called a universal tool - it will remove rust stains as well will wash greasy dishes, will give freshness when washing laundry.

natural oils (lemon, eucalyptus, spruce, lavender) - excellent, and most importantly usefully replace your chemical air fresheners (a part of many of them just did include ammonia).

VINEGAR - effectively removes stains from the wax and all sorts of resins and other viscous substances.Well disinfects and cleans tile and tile, sink and bathroom.When added during the wash combined with lemon juice, bleach white fabrics.