Flying with broom and cloth: The technique

system fly-Lady is aimed at women who are unable to spend much time on the household.They are invited to abandon perfectionism and clear space around slowly.It is important to get rid of unnecessary things and debris, to plan all the housework and perform the required minimum daily affairs.For enthusiasts, there are even special "Kelly jobs" to help remember the things that most housewives prefer to pigeonhole.

main idea of ​​fly-technique - the separation of the apartment or house in the area.It serves to remove only one zone, spending the whole process in just 15 minutes.Cleaning in the selected area last week, then you need to get to the next station.This method allows you to pay attention to the house, including the most intimate corners.

Goodies system

system fly-lady has a lot of fans around the world.By sharing experiences on online forums, they are divided into raptures over the apartment clean, balanced menu and a positive atmosphere reigned in the house.It turns out that 15 minutes a day cleaning is able to spend even the busiest woman.In time discarded trash, cleaning on a "net net" and the removal of "hot spots" - places where constantly accumulates trash - allows you to maintain order in the house without spending extra time and effort.A clear plan gives the feeling that the whole process is under control.

Anti-fly: This system does not help

principle of fly-Lady is ideal for housewives who are prone to constant self-control.Those who are used to acting under the inspiration, the framework defined Marla Scilly, seem too strict.Suffice it to a couple of days to start the process and have to start all over again.

system to work, it would have to inspire the home.Not every man is willing to wipe the sink with a towel after use and not every child will be glad if, instead of a joint reading or riding my mother will be busy performing another job cleaning.

idea fly lady will not work and a perfectionist.Some housewives, enthusiastic process, begin to devote the whole day cleaning, increasing the list of mandatory cases indefinitely.As a result, they not only remains free time, but also significantly increase the cost of farming, because modern devices for cleaning and the latest detergents are not cheap.