you need
  • - soda;
  • - mustard;
  • - household chemicals for washing dishes.
purchasing dishwashing detergent, above all we expect from him a good detergency.You can navigate by reading the composition of the product on the label - cleaning ability of the composition to depend on the included components.Of these, the main ones being the surfactant - surfactants that affect pollution.Dirt thus dissolves, goes into suspension and is washed away with the water flow.
The composition of synthetic detergents also includes enzymes, phosphates, salts of peroxide acids, foam stabilizers, chlorine, dietanolomin, natural bactericides.Their effect on the human body is not particularly useful, so the dishes washed, using such tools should be rinsed as carefully as possible.The disposable rinsing does not help - it is better to hold the dishes under running water for at least fifteen seconds.
dishwashing better to use eco-friendly cleaning formulations.They affect the contamination is not as effective as synthetic, but made from natural materials, and organic substances, they have no phosphate, and the other unsafe components.The structure of such means, organic citric acid, denatured alcohol, and other substances, which are washed well dishes and harmless to humans.Under the influence of such funds is split fat and soften food residue on the dishes.The foam, which is easy to rinse under running water.
In detergents, which are used for washing dishes, there are eco-friendly counterparts.Some of the housewives prefer to use only safe means of such a simple dry mustard, or baking soda.Mustard can perfectly cope with the remnants of the fat on the dishes, it has no unpleasant odor, you can find it in any store include spices.For the human health and the environment, it is completely safe.Soda can easily cope with a touch and contamination-free grease.It also absorbs odors from the air and neutralize acidic flavors.It is convenient to use as a mild abrasive cleaner when otchischenii pots, pans.