Modern robotic vacuum cleaners are powerful enough.They afford gather dust, animal fur, small crumbs and dirt.Suction power for this lack.The use of high-tech engine and systems has increased the efficiency of suction and filtration system retains dust as small as 0.3 microns.
Standard wired vacuum cleaner generates powerful airflow, which keeps the larger particles.Fine dust due to an air flow through the filter flies again and settles in the room.This is because for air filtering quality needed slack airflow and filter with small pores.In conventional vacuum cleaner bag is typically installed and there is a huge suction power.
robot cleaner is arranged on a different principle.He has less power than a conventional vacuum cleaner, and a weaker air flow.The intake air is completely cleaned by membrane purification.For cleaning large pieces of debris are the main brush that perfectly cope with dirt and pet hair.Brush sweeps debris and the air flow sucks it in the trash.Due to this operating principle, the suction efficiency is maximized.
The robot cleaner has the ability to set cleaning program.It can clean the room every day.This increases the quality of cleaning and indistinguishable from an ordinary vacuum cleaner power.The robot cleaner repeatedly held the room, thereby preventing the dirt spread throughout the apartment.
robot cleaner has a minimum number of component parts.Because of this, such a device takes up little space, after harvesting it is not required to disassemble.Built-in computer calculates the area of ​​the harvested area and harvest time, thus saving energy expended.
presence sensors allows the robot to adjust the speed and quickly find all the debris.Also these sensors to help carry out cleaning of different surfaces and with the wires on the floor.Thanks to artificial intelligence robot vacuum cleaner is easy to avoid obstacles, do not get confused in the curtains and the wires do not fall down the stairs.
One of the major advantages of the robot cleaner is the possibility of scheduling cleanups.The device can be programmed to clean the room, when the apartment is unoccupied.