allergy to house dust has long been known.But it is not the dust and some of its components: bed mite among them holding the palm.This is followed by hair and pet dander particles fabrics, upholstered furniture, bedding, paper and dead cockroaches.Also in wet areas may appear fungi, the spores of which are strong allergens.In the summer of dust contains pollen, which falls into the apartment of the open air vents.

Recently, as part of the dust began to appear dangerous to the health of the components: these are particles of asbestos and mineral fibers.They are the products of decay of mineral wool.On its basis the insulation, which some people manage even spread inside the house.To do this, you should not, because the decay of mineral wool fibers get into the home.Asbestos causes asthma, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system, and the mineral fibers are recognized kantserogenami.Vo many European countries for the construction of mineral wool is prohibited.

addition, and mineral wool, and home furniture emit formaldehyde and phenol.They are harmful to the nervous system, mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

How to protect yourself from dust

- Insulation materials based on mineral wool can be used.

- Furniture preferably made of wood, and its shelves must always be closed.

- preferable pillows with synthetic filling.Feather should stay in the past.

- Soft toys should be removed, it is the largest dust bag.

- If the front housing is insulated with mineral wool, it is necessary to require the management company to check the status of dust in homes and replacement of insulation if necessary.

- Windows should be covered with gauze or very fine mesh.

- Wallpapers apartment should only be washable, with drapes and carpets is also better to say goodbye.
bedding should be kept tightly closed.