Soap used in ancient Rome!And the inhabitants of Egypt and Mesopotamia did not do without him.People already know how to make soap.However, on an industrial scale began producing soap only in the thirties of the twentieth century in Europe.

Initially, the soap made of soap root.No chemical components such soap had.Natural product, the use of which has not been damage.A substance derived from the root, and washed and washed.

also soap made from animal fat mixed with ash.It is this structure became the prototype of the modern soap.What has changed is that instead of soda ash used, and instead of fat - butter.

of something not made soap out of any kind of components it did not materialize, the basic function remains the same.The function is so important and so simple - it is clear contaminated surface.And this function as part of the soap copes primarily alkali.Alkali has the ability to break down fats.Whether fats of vegetable or animal origin.A fat, just, and form the basis of dirt on which we want to get rid of with soap.

Why in the soap fatty component?The task of soap to the mud, which managed to separate from the surface, does not stick to it again.This contributes to enveloping component.And separated dirt can be washed off with water.

We are accustomed from childhood to wash their hands with soap and water to kill bacteria.But soap does not kill bacteria.It only separates them from the skin surface, and the water we are already washed off.But without it, using water alone, to get rid of the bacteria would have been much more difficult.

If soap cope with its simple structure so why modern manufacturers add as many components in it?This soap is much more expensive than their "simple" brothers.The expensive varieties are added to essential oils and aromatic substances of chemical origin.

add and wetting agents.In this case, the skin is protected from drying.This is done to improve the properties of products, in the struggle for consumer choice.In certain types of soap are added antibacterial agents.The choice of soap is huge!By the same principle as the soap works, and other works, most modern detergents.

To cope with its main task to get rid of dirt, soap must contain two components.This oil and alkali.The alkali dissolves the fat that makes the water wash away the dirt from the surface, and fatty bases helps to ensure that no dirt stuck back and easy to remove with water.