Myth "How many cans"

Alas, but for the most part on the composition of shampoos are not much different from shower gels.
Myth "No matter where the product is made"

When purchasing any household chemicals, always pay attention to the country of manufacture.The fact that developing countries use cheaper ingredients and much smaller amounts by substituting reagents with water.In Europe, quality standards are much higher.
Myth "Wash baby clothes baby powder needed"

Dear parents, you frankly hang noodles on the ears.Carefully re-read item 2, you will realize that, for example, laundry detergent "Eared nannies" made in the factory "Neva Cosmetics", which for many years does not inspire much confidence.Yes, and not in the company business - the fact that these powders are no different from adults, and their apparent poulyarnost handiwork of simple marketing.
Myth "All the ingredients in very important"

carefully reading the labels, remember that the composition of cleaning products is listed in descending order of weight igredientov.So if a part is written "water, soda, salt, a lot of incomprehensible words, bean oil, jojoba oil," it means that the oil there - three drops in the whole barrel.
Myth "The powder is full of biologically active substances"

Unfortunately, absolutely any manufacturer of washing powder is trying to cram as much as possible "ballast" in its packaging.And the vaunted little blue dots and reds - is also nothing more than a simple beads, not some mythical active substances.
Myth "for colored and white clothes - different household chemicals"

a closer look at the label and see what conditioners for colored and white items are almost identical in their composition.
Myth "Calgon - and the washing machine will not suffer"

biggest hoax of modern times was the product Calgon.The ad is repeated that the washing machine can be damaged due to scale, but this is pure lies - from cars do not break down.
Myth "I do not buy household chemicals, which are tested on animals"

Alas, even if on a product says that it has not been tested on animals, it does not mean exactly what it meansIt does not give any animals on a sample.The fact that the output of the market product required to pass hundreds of thousands of checks and SRN, which include assays on animals.Just the company does not conduct these checks under its own brand, and gives the right to conduct these tests to other contractors.