In America in the management of the Environment conducted a study: in private houses and apartments concentration of toxic substances on different surfaces and in the air is 2-5 times higher than on the street.We have a similar situation.

potentially hazardous ingredients that make up household chemical

A-surfactants (anionic surfactants) - often used in detergents and cleaners.Affects the brain, causing liver disease, kidney and severe allergic reactions.Tend to accumulate in the body.A surfactant content should not exceed 2-5%.

chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, chloroform) - contained in the fabric softener and bleach.Adversely affect the cardiovascular and immune systems, reduces the level of hemoglobin, can cause allergies, cancers.It is advisable to avoid it at all in household products.

Phosphates - have long been banned in many countries.There are powders, detergents.All the strongest poisons in the world contain phosphorus.When ingested with water increases the negative impact of the surfactant may provoke the development of cancer cells, miscarriages early in pregnancy, reduced life expectancy.They should be avoided.

Triclosan - is found in soaps, detergents, cosmetics and perfumes and toothpaste.It destroys both harmful and beneficial microorganisms.Poorly washed away and quickly enters the body.It causes severe allergic reactions, hormone imbalance, and microorganisms.It is necessary to limit its use.

formaldehyde - found in cleaning products for the kitchen and bath, air fresheners and insect repellents.It increases the risk of asthma.Is a strong carcinogen, irritate the eyes, respiratory tract and lungs.

Dioxins have tap water, insect repellent, paper.They have high toxicity.Can accumulate in the human body.Affects the liver, skin, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary tract and airways.Can enter the body through the foods wrapped in paper, water from the tap.

in warm water all harmful substances double its negative impact.

Enzymes and fragrances are part of cosmetics and perfumes, detergents and air fresheners.Cause allergic reactions, hormone disruptions, irritate the upper respiratory tract.

Nitrobenzene there as part of polishes for furniture.Causes vomiting, shortness of breath, a carcinogenic effect and provokes birth defects in children.In large doses it can cause death.

petroleum distillate available as a part of funds for metal surfaces.Causes damage to the nervous system, kidneys, eyes, can cause skin diseases.

phenol and cresol included in the different means in the form of aerosols.Cause headaches, loss of consciousness, diarrhea, violate the liver and kidneys.

How to protect yourself?

careful when cleaning homes use natural alternative means (soda, mustard powder, lemon, vinegar, essential oils).It should be avoided at all means in aerosols, as they are very toxic.You should always use rubber gloves and protective creams.Detergents should be rinsed thoroughly.It is often ventilate the room and, if possible, even to go to environmentally friendly and natural household chemicals.

Household chemicals should be safe and harmless to your health, ecological and quality.By her choice should be approached very carefully and deliberately.