The main advantage of this switch is the ability to turn on and off the light from different places.Very comfortable to use in long corridors, stairwells in two-storey houses and bedrooms.

For example, in the hallway with a conventional switch to turn off the lights need to go back again to the same switch.If you install two migratory corridor switch, the light increases the ease of operation.At the entrance to the corridor click on the key switch and turn on the light.After the corridor need to turn off the light, for this click on the button of another flow switch at the end of the corridor and the light goes out.The same thing can be done, if the pass is a room in the opposite direction.

on stairs in private homes one pass switch is set on the first floor and the other on the second floor.So turn off the light and can be from any switch.

In the bedroom one switch mounted near the door, and the other near the bed, allowing you to control the light from a prone position.

The principle of flow switch is very simple.These switches function as switches.That is, the switch directs the electricity from one contact to another contact.Switches used in pairs and are connected as follows.

Installation walk-through switches is no different from the conventional switch installation.They are installed in the same mounting box and used a wire of the same section.Each switch is supplied three wires.Depending on the convenience of performing wiring, circuit breakers make the connection in two ways.

first option is as follows - all connections are made in the junction box.That is, the box fit four cables.Cable supply voltage cable from the lamp and the two cables from the walk-through switches.Wires cleaned from isolation and join the scheme under the rules of performing electrical work.

second option to install - this is when the two walk-through switch interconnected trёhzhilnym cable.At the same time the cable access to the junction box from one switch is not necessary.Connection wires operate in one of the switch box.

installation option affects the amount of work performed and flow conductive wire.If the junction box is located between the two switches, all the connections are made in the box.When placing a box around one of the switches, it is not appropriate to maintain the wire in the box, and to pave the first switch and make a connection to it.So you can save a few meters of wire and reduce the amount of work.

Before performing electrical work, disconnect the power supply.Observe the safety and use personal protection against electric shock.