To perform high-quality waterproofing concrete floor, should determine the quality of the concrete, which is the basis of the floor.This is important - to carry out further work is meaningless without information on the status of the base.We must find out the location and the level of groundwater.This is especially necessary when working in the basement.

must be taken into account the location of the communications.They are capable of passing across and along the intended treatment to the concrete surface.You should also choose a pre-material for finishing, which will eventually be used.

How to choose a concrete

Waterproofing concrete base floor of good quality from the M150 or higher is necessary to carry out using the penetrating compounds.The substance must penetrate the concrete structure as deeply as possible.A good option is considered to be 40 cm. At this depth goes inside quality penetrating waterproofing.

Measures to create a waterproofing should be carried out in accordance with the rules of production schedules.

For applying waterproofing composition on the surface, you can use any convenient tool.The composition should be distributed over the surface in a uniform layer - it is possible to use grout, i.e. poluter or roller.Finishing work can be carried out not earlier than three weeks after isolation.

Sometimes the quality of the concrete is not particularly good.If the product itself is loose and with multiple fractures, waterproof floor is required to carry out the method of monolithic pouring.Use the following hydraulic special composition.Features water resistance - from W12 to W20.

To make the concrete products of the required quality in them is necessary to introduce special additives.They can be used to significantly increase the water resistance.

Features of work

Performing waterproofing, be sure to take into account the thickness of the concrete floor.It should be done not less than 10-12 cm. Make sure it is necessary to carry out reinforcement and vibration.Certainly should be carefully treated joints floor and wall constructions.Failure to comply will result in similar work later appearance of the areas where the moisture will leak.

perfect for hydroprotection joints gidroprokladki or gidroshnury.Places where communication inputs are provided, are sealed with special sealants.As pipes and electrics under no circumstances should not be in contact with moisture.

Penetrating floor insulation can be replaced by injection.As working materials serve a variety of gels, polymers, resins.But such events are among those that are carried out using special equipment.Independently perform the waterproofing of this kind is almost impossible.