Removing the blockage

plunger Plunger - a special device consisting of a handle and a rubber base.It can be used, when the shell a lot of water, does not require removal of excess fluid.Plunger creates a difference in pressure to remove the cork, which prevents the passage of water.

Use plunger can be in the kitchen and in the bathroom.Typically, the device helps to remove air pockets, which can also be the cause of the blockage.But after that the physical impact is recommended to wash the tube with chemicals to dissolve everything that could get stuck in the pipe.

chemical removal of obstruction

If water is not leaking at all, it is likely that in the sink were hair, food, or other components.They have created a traffic jam, you want to dissolve.Special chemicals allow to do it for 1-3 hours.Before their application liquid that does not flow away, it must be removed.Cloth to remove excess water, and then pour a suitable solution into the drain hole.

choose the means to eliminate blockages suitable for certain types of pipes.For example, a "mole" is designed for metal surfaces.But there is a universal remedy for all materials, they are the most popular and safe to drain.Use any chemical compounds of this kind can only gloves, skin contact may cause irritation.

The drug acts on the stopper, splitting it.It dissolves hair products and the blockage disappears.Exposure time in the plug depends on the brand means, it is indicated on the package.

physical elimination of clogging

Remove blockage possible physical method using a plumber's snake.This unit is 3 meters long, which is introduced into the tube and creates a passage for water in the place of obstruction.At one end of the rope piercing tip at the other device for the rotation.His move in a circular motion, allowing you to make a hole in the tube and remove the dirt of their pipes.

There are mechanical and electrical cables.During rotation may cause clogging sail along the pipe or more may be removed to the surface.For example, if the cause of the blockage was caused by a sponge or cloth, it can be retrieved to the surface of the device used.

Removing fat

If the water in the sink leaked, but slowly, it is likely that the walls of the drain accumulated fat.It should be cleaned regularly using cleaning agents.It is recommended to use laundry detergent diluted in water.In 10 liters of fluid you need 200 grams of detergent.The mixture is well stirred and slowly poured into the drain hole.The procedure can be repeated 2-3 times.

To prevent clogging fat should regularly include hot water in the sink and pour the boiling water into the sink.You can arrange and washing detergent that fat is not deposited on the walls.

If all of the above methods do not help, you need to see a specialist.It will diagnose and identify the cause of the blockage and also help to solve this problem.