winter garden on the balcony

Very nice option is to use insulated balcony arrangement of the winter garden.Here you can set large tubs with flowers or place small pans.On the balcony can be placed conifers and evergreen trees which carry great changes in temperature.And on the balcony insulation for them simply a paradise.Only it's worth carefully follow them, you should not be watered often.

In the winter garden you can install a carved table and some chairs, then there will be extra romantic and cozy place for tea parties with guests and family.Wooden furniture with braided, beautiful tablecloths and napkins made of natural fabrics will give a balcony rustic flavor.And if you install on a balcony additional fluorescent lights, then there can bloom beautiful flowers.

What can be placed on insulated balcony

The easiest solution is to use the extra space setting workplace.From this premise it is possible to make room.Even on the smallest balcony fit a desk and computer equipment.

It can fit onto a balcony or bike racing track.Thus, you can significantly save space in the rooms, but for myself to make a small gym right at home.The great advantage of the placement of sports equipment on the balcony insulation is that it can be easily aired, even in winter, and in the apartment at the same time will remain warm.

If among the owners of the apartment with balcony has warmed creative people in this room it is possible to equip the workshop.There you can include all the necessary materials for work, set the table, to bring additional lighting.And now none of the home will not interfere with tools, crafts and more.And do in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere is much more interesting.

Due to the lack of living space in many homes are affected.After all, there Malosemeika where room and kitchen have a small size such that several households already there closely.Therefore, insulated from the balcony you can make additional room for meals.Beautiful dining table, comfortable chairs - all of which can fit on the balcony.If there is space, then it is possible to place a small cupboard for dishes, thanks to this much free space on the small kitchen.