coil should start to change, making sure that the system has no water.In order to carry out the work, you need the following tools: soldering iron for polypropylene, punch, rezborez, hex keys, Adjustable and pipe wrenches, Bulgarian.

technology change coil

To prepare a place for cutting or carving the transition to be welded plastic pipe, it is necessary to destroy the concrete slab at the site of the entrance pipe.It should pack a threaded steel connections.Sealing must be done carefully, as the compounds may require repacking water drain pipe piece shifts etc.

How tight connections should be checked by a set and a water supply system.You can seal the connection with the coil taps.

After draining the water can begin to dismantle the old pipes.Not recommended riser too short, since the ends will be threaded.If you use rezborez, the ceiling will help to produce cutting material away from the wall of 6-7 cm.

Slicing thread should hold her tong that exclude breaking of the pipe from the neighbors.The thread is allowed to weld on the inside of the gas overlap welding.This will require access to a place, moreover, the system pressure should not be.Coil taps and packed distance must be mounted in view of the future topcoat wall.

Installing new coil

next stage will be the implementation of soldering.Corner clutch pack should be threaded riser.They need to solder the pieces of pipe elbows of 90 °.Couplings must have to crank that turned out to hide in Stroebe knees.From clutches connected to the coil, it is necessary to solder a piece of pipe, which are combined with tees.Last combine riser and coil, leaving the bypass.

After half an hour after the end of the soldering can be carried out a trial run of the system.If he is successful, you can fix the pipe, using clamps, plaster or cement.It is important to strengthen the unit firmly with coil taps, because if you have to dismantle it, it is unacceptable to the American shifted.

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