Using the new technology of insulation of windows, which is called the Swedish, can be well insulated wooden frame and remove the gaps.This helps get rid of drafts, improves sound insulation and thermal insulation.This technology feature lies in the fact that no insulation is glued and attached in specially made for this slot.

Preliminary work for insulating windows

insulated wooden box on the Swedish technology in several stages.

1. In a wooden window shutters are fitted properly.If the window is the period of operation partially rotten, it carried out a preliminary exchange, which helps insulate the window to become safer and stronger.

2. It is necessary to carefully check all the window fittings, adjust the elements that need to replace unusable.

3. You may need to change the glass - if it's no good, it must be done.

All of these steps can be described as preliminary.Even after the implementation start right insulation works.

How to insulate a window on the Swedish technology

to carry out work on warming the master removes the sash windows fitted size.Further milled longitudinal groove, which is designed to seal the tube, and then rolled into the seal groove.All fixed joints must be processed using a silicone sealant or acrylic, to completely destroy the possible gap.The space between the slats should also be glued rubber seal.

thus treated glass windows on its thermal insulation properties are not inferior to PVC windows, thus they are distinguished by decorative and environmental safety.Swedish technology, which has become increasingly used for thermal insulation of windows can serve as a good alternative to products made of metal.In addition to improving thermal performance, by means of the insulation can reduce by almost half the level of ambient noise, allow the window sash to work well.We repaired the window so greatly extended service life.

temperature in the room where the windows are insulated by the Swedish technology significantly increases.Windows will be fine to keep sealing without sealing.If necessary, you can open a window not only in summer but also during the cold season.Good thermal insulation and tightness of the window it will not lower.