Surface preparation for laying

kitchen apron in the work area, where the stove, sink, therefore it splashing water, grease, and other contamination.Therefore, the material for the skirt must be:
- durable;
- resistant to moisture and temperature changes;
- easy to clean with detergent;
- have an attractive appearance.

All these qualities correspond ceramic tile.In addition, with proper installation of quality it will last for many years without repair.

In the classical installation of tiles need pre-treatment of the walls.The process begins with the measurement stacking planes and angles.It will require a level, plumb bob, long rake.You also need a solution for plaster, for minor irregularities can be dispensed with putty.The walls are carefully aligned on the rail, eliminating the curvature of the corners.

to create a polymer film on the surface, the adhesive is not absorbed, prepared under the tile section treated soil.The next step required to fight off a horizontal line at a height of 80 cm above the floor, fasten the screws-profile support under the tiles.

process of ceramic tiles

Installation Ceramic start from the front, the red corner.At installation use a special glue, it is applied to the surface and on the tiles with a notched trowel.Lay the first tile, using the level of aligning vertically and horizontally.Near the second set, between them, into the joint, put two crosses.Third place on the first tile.From the second horizontal row of tiles continue.To the seams between the tiles are the same width, use special plastic crosses.

When laying the tiles it is necessary to trim.This can be done by different instruments:
- glass cutter;
- manual tile;
- Tile lever.

In the case of the Bulgarian enough to make a shallow incision tile seamlessly faults.Scoring tiles used later, unobtrusive corner.

Leave apron for a day alone, let the glue dries, and proceed to the grout.Grout make the special tool with a rubber spatula.While the grout is not dried up, scour it from the tiles with a damp cloth.Apron ready.

laying ceramic tile - the process simple, but time consuming.To work went off without a hitch, it is advisable to start the process to calculate and buy the right amount of tiles required tools and building materials.