directly before installing the door, you should get rid of the old one.To do this, remove it from its hinges.In case the door keeps on gasketed fixtures, door arm should be raised, with the door to be opened at a right angle.If the loop is not amenable disassembly simply unscrew them.

next stage will be the dismantling of the door frame.If the box is made of wood, it should be sawed in half of the side previously get rid of extra accessories.In the case of the metal box may require bolgarka.Once you get rid of the box, repel unwanted plaster with a hammer.

can now move to the door.There are several installation options, it all depends on the level of the doorway.

first option is to use as the attachment of mounting plates.The principle is quite simple: a plate superimposed on the edge of the doorway inside.After that, the holes in the mounting plates hammered steel rods.Subsequently, these rods should be welded.This method allows to attach to a wall jamb.

second method.The door frame is fixed to the wall with anchor bolts.If there is no bolt holes, make them yourself.Later, with the help of special plugs can be eye-catching cover bolts.

Below is a list of auxiliary materials, which will help you in your job rod for attachment.Length of about 10 to 15 centimeters, and a thickness of 15 millimeters.

wedges.With their help fix the door frame.For that fasten them to the side walls.Also, be aware of a few things if you are going to set your own door.

to check exactly how much has been mounted door is sufficient to measure the uprights on both sides with the help of a plumb.

During installation, you will certainly remain gaps, they are treated with foam.Pre-clearance can be treated with water in order to scrapie materials more efficiently.Apply to be a special foam gun, it will allow more accurate dosing of the material.

have professionals install a door takes about an hour, and even if you do not take one of them, then you have to install it will take not much more time.If you come to install the door with all the responsibility, then there is nothing difficult.