you need
  • - wire;
  • - pliers;
  • - voltage indicator;
  • - file;
  • - puncher.
First we need to turn off the electricity in the house.Check that there is no voltage by using the indicator.Remember that even professional electricians believe that any wire is energized as long as they are not personally convinced of the opposite.After switching off the power, remove the old mounting box outlet, then get rid of the old wires.Remove the wire to the junction box, which is then open.Do not forget to leave the stock wiring and junction box itself, and in a new place outlet.
Inspect the junction box itself.If all the connections are made by welding, carefully remove it with pliers.If you notice at the end of a small cylinder made of aluminum, which indicates the pressed joint, look for the stock wiring that is suitable for the new connection.If there is no stock of wires neatly spilite aluminum cylinder with a file.In case you have found a stock posting, remove the cylinder with the same pliers.If the old connection is normal twist, carefully unscrew the wire.
Then take the new wire and route it to the old Stroebe from the junction box to the point of the new location of the socket, in case it differs from the old only in height.Use the hammer and make a new Stroebe, if you are not satisfied with the old.The remaining unused groove seal the necessary material at your convenience.By adding a new wire, do not forget that a new twist to the old wiring in any case impossible.As a result of intense heat insulation of wires connected to the stranding site may melt, it is also possible to burn a contact.In this case, the wall can receive an electric shock.
Place the new wire in the outlet itself.At this stage, be careful and carefully distribute wires.Try to make sure that the wires do not touch each other.If a new outlet has a hole for the wires before mounting thread the wire into the hole.In today's market presents sockets, greatly simplifies the process of connecting wires.They use special spring clamps.To install the wires into the outlet you need to simply insert the bare wire into the lock.