you need
  • - grout;
  • - rubber spatula or grouting bag;
  • - sponge and clean cloth;
  • - a small brush or paint roller;
  • - a bucket of water;
  • - personal protective equipment.
not start grouting until the tile adhesive dries completely.The seams must be cleaned of contaminants (debris, dust), clean dividing crosses.The surface should be carefully prepared.
If you work with unglazed tiles, be sure to moisten the side faces the water.Unglazed surface absorbs moisture contained in the grout, why it will dry quickly and, as a consequence, bad stay between the seams.At the same time, make sure that moisture does not accumulate in excess in the tile joints, as well as on the tile.Excess moisture can damage the grout, which is why over time it will crack.To learn more about the proportions of mixing grout and conditions of its application can be found in the instructions, which are located on the packaging.Glazed tiles do not require pre-wetting.It can wipe once the glue is dry.
Overwrite tile joints should be in one of two ways: using a grout bag or rubber spatula.Dilution with water on the tile grout is laid out and distributed at the seams.Be careful not to smear the solution and rub the joints.Completely fill one seam grouting, proceed to the next.Do not grab too large plot and in time to wipe the treated surface of the tile with a damp cloth, not allowing the grout to dry.Remember that the solution is suitable for only 20 minutes.Therefore, do not make large batches.Spatula held relative to the tile 30 degrees.Apply grout moves diagonally.
trowels bag used in places that would be difficult to clean up afterwards.The bag is filled with pre-cooked and the grout with a special solution is applied to the tip directly into the joints.Please fill horizontal joints, and then - vertical.